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Passenger seat recliner piece broken

1 years, 6 months

I have a 99 Durango SLT with the 5.2L. My front passenger seat is stuck in the reclined position. When i bought it i was told the reclining handle was broken, but i looked and the handle is fine, but the plastic rod/piece (dont know what it actually is) had snapped off about 1/2" from where the handle screws in. I need to know what the part is that i need to fix this. Ive looked at a hundred pictures and schematics but they only show me the handle and screw, but NOT what the handle screws into. Thats the piece that broke and the one i neef. Can anyone help or give me any info on this? Thanks.

Model: Dodge Durango I DN

Manuals: 24x User's manuals, 19x Repair manuals

1999 Durango I DN 5.2 (317 cui)

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Fuel gasoline. 4-speed Automatic transmission. Engine 5 200 ccm (317 cui), 8-cylinder.

Just bought this durango. Not in great shape but runs

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