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Passenger seat recliner piece broken

1 years, 5 months

I have a 99 Durango SLT with the 5.2L. My front passenger seat is stuck in the reclined position. When i bought it i was told the reclining handle was broken, but i looked and the handle is fine, but the plastic rod/piece (dont know what it actually is) had snapped off about 1/2" from where the handle screws in. I need to know what the part is that i need to fix this. Ive looked at a hundred pictures and schematics but they only show me the handle and screw, but NOT what the handle screws into. Thats the piece that broke and the one i neef. Can anyone help or give me any info on this? Thanks.

Model: Dodge Durango I DN

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Voltage Regulator Location

1 years, 6 months

G'day Boys n Girls...

Would anyone have first hand knowledge on the "Actual" location of the Voltage Regulator on this 88 Dodge Ram B350 1 ton Van, Automatic, 5.2lt 318. It seems im on a wild goose chase with this beast... It's not on the firewall anywhere (that i can locate) According to three service manuals its located in three different locations, and yet not located in any one of these locations!! Lost yet? ;) The Dodge Service manual says it is located In the front cabin, under the engine cover, passenger side, screwed to the firewall, Not found there. Our friends at AutoZone online info says it is internal, built in to the computer.. I'm at a loss n close to converting it to a bloody big BBQ!!

Im sure i've left out some vital info here... but it's late n im hittin the hay :) Thanking one and all in advance for any info that leads to the location and arrest of this Regulator.



Model: Dodge Ram Van II

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