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2017-03-01 11:34:51 Journey AC mixer flap dash vents repair

2009 Dodge Journey A/C mixer flap issue HOT left dash vents, COLD Right dash vents REPAIR

2009 2010 Dodge Journey A/C blows cold on RIGHT dash vents and hot on LEFT vents.

Mixer control motor (driver side) working properly. Heater core was flushed out. It is possible that inside the mixer box a mixer flap is broken from control shaft. SOLUTION - ADD SHUT OFF VALVE TO THE HEATER HOSE in the engine bay. Supplies: EIGHT (8) FEET {2.4 m} OF 5/8 INCH heater HOSE, 1/2 inch brass ball valve with 1/2 inch female threads, two 5/8 inch barb fittings with 1/2 inch male threads, SS hose clamps (or spring clamps).

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