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Caliber Water leak & wet carpets fix

Forum Caliber Caliber Water leak & wet carpets fix

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2017-03-01 10:41:42

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I have done this video to try and explain why your car is leaking water. I have no longer got mine but this is how you fix the problem. The only reason that I have done it is so that others do not have the same problems in finding how the water gets into the car that I did.

I saw a clip on you tube about this problem and offered my help. since then I have been inundated with e mails from people all over the world regarding this problem.

If you get stuck contact me and I will try and help you out. This problem will drive you mad as it did me but it is a really easy fix. If you have a sunroof then your problem may lay there but over here in the uk we do not have the sunroof model so that was never an issue. Hope this video helps you and you sort out the leak. The wings do not need to come off as some forums suggest as the problem is not with the wing seals but the foam bit inside the "a " frame which is stopping any water getting to the drain holes and into your car. The foam must be punctured with a quite big hole and also the triangle plastic bit in front of your door mirror sealed so as to stop the water getting into the "a" frame in the first place. Hope the video comes out alright as it is a rubbish camera. Micky

Oh and by the way I am going to go and fix this ladys car for her for free. Oh and thank you Destiny for posting your video and I hope you get your Caliber sorted. If the video helps you give it a like and then I will know it is doing you some good. My email is if you still have any problems. Dont forget to take the plastic triangle bit off and really seal it with bath sealent before putting it back on.